There are a number of ways to support the Grove Foundation:

Grove Foundation General Purposes

This donation would be used to carry out Grove Foundation programs such as Helping Children Grow or to fund one of our many grants awarded to local organizations. A list of previous grant recipients can be found in the Grants section of this site.

Grove Foundation Memorial Contributions

Make a contribution in memory of a loved one. Your memorial gift will go a long way in supporting the work of the Foundation. Once Memorial Funds are established, we typically work with the family to identify an appropriate use of the donated funds. ** Please indicate the name of the Memorial Fund to which you are contributing where indicated on the Paypal site.**

Downers Grove Park District General Purposes

This donation would go to the Park District for their general operations.


You can establish a Memorial to anyone or to a cause to benefit the Grove Foundation or the Park District. The Foundation will work with you to carry out your wishes. For more information, please contact us:


Tax Deductibility

The Grove Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization and meets the IRS charitable requirements for tax deductibility. After receiving your donation, the Foundation will send you a letter than can be used for the preparation of your taxes.